Hello! I’m Ivan, an IT-geek, technology fan and hard task lover!

I began my way of becoming a pro with self-education and practice, then completed MCSA learning program, as well as SQL, Security and Telephony courses. My choice helped me to learn every day, accept challenges to my technical and management skills. Now I am a CIO in the group of companies, and I still love my job!

There were many program products, servers, services and network equipment I’ve had to learn. But only a rare case of deployment used all the possibilities and features a product can offer. That’s how the gaps in knowledge and experience appear. If you search for a manual to fill them – you can hardly find one without mistakes and missed details – and one mistake in a manual can cost you hours of diagnostics.

What we are missing – that’s what this blog about. I`ve made it to put my knowledge in a system, to deal with every interesting detail I’ve missed, and to help people with their deployment an usage tasks.

But my life contains not only from IT and that stuff – I am a fan of extreme sports like motocross and snowboarding, and try to help homeless animals with my best friend ever, my dog mr. Gray.

I Love new challenges, that my work gifts me, so if I can help you with your work or a project – feel free to contact me. Also, if you have suggestions or ideas how to make this blog better, use social networks or fill the form below:

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