There are many books about WordPress. To be short – this is the most popular CMS in the internet, number one. WordPress grew up from the good blogging engine to customizable and powerful system, that suits for every case, from news platform to complicated internet-shop with its own billing. Thousands of plugins and themes can be found on the official WordPress site. Hey, this site is powered by wordpress! Many people won’t need to install it anyway – they will use something like cPanel and Softaculous script from web-hosting, or just use preinstalled solutions. But you need do know how to deploy WordPress locally for developers, web-designers or corporative environment. And this is what we are going to learn in this article. We will take a clean new CentOS 7 minimal install for that purpose, and make a default installation. This task can be divided into two main parts – LAMP installation and the installation of the WordPress itself. Let`s get started.

CentOS 7 install WordPress: Stage 1, LAMP

The first letter of LAMP is L – linux, and we already have it installed and initially configured. After installing clean new CentOS 7 minimal, we move to another letter, A – Apache. It is the most popular web-server in the Internet, so for our installation we will use it.

Install Apache:

Check the status of newly installed service:

Start the daemon and enable it to run at startup:

To test the installation, set up the firewalld to open the port:

Type the address of the server in your browser, and if all is working fine, you’ll see this page:

CentOS 7 install WordPress Apache start page






M – MySQL installation:

Start the daemon and enable it to run at startup:

Launch the initial configuration script:

P – PHP. The most simple one:

Restart Apache daemon after installing php:

Check installation of PHP modules. Create an empty file with vi:

Add this string and save it with :wq

Next, enter the address in your web browser: http://<server-ip-address>/info.php and if all is working fine, you’ll see this page:









CentOS 7 install WordPress: Stage 2, WordPress prepare and install

After LAMP is installed and checked, we need to prepare the database for WordPress installation:

Login to mysql console with root:

Create a database for wordpress, create a user, that will be granted all privileges on the database created in the previous stage and grant all privileges to the new user. Then, flush all privileges to apply changes and exit:

Now we are ready to download and install WordPress:

Extract downloaded archive:

Copy all files and folders to html directory:

Create a directory for uploaded files:

Assign ownership to WordPress folders:

Change the directory to www root:

Create a WordPress configuration file from sample:

Open the file wp-config.php and correct database connection settings with VI:

The final step – web-configuration.

Open the web-browser and enter the ip-address of your server:


And follow the instructions to finish the installation:

Choose language:





Enter your Admin account login and password:






And that’s it! Congratulations, you have finished your CentOS 7 install WordPress! Now, proceed to login page, enter your credentials and start working!





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