CentOS BIND caching proxy 1

BIND is the most popular and widely deployed DNS-Server in the world. It is a free software product and is distributed with most Unix and Linux platforms, where it is most often also referred to as named (name daemon). Today we will talk about one of the simplest BIND deployments – CentOS BIND caching proxy server under CentOS 7.

As always, the deployment begins with CentOS Initial Configuration. The installation is one-command operation:

And that is all! Next, edit the main configuration file, located in /etc/named.conf

Now check if the ownership of this file is set to root:named.  Also, when SELinux is enabled (by default), after editing the configuration file we need to make sure that its context is set to named_conf_t:

Before we enable and start the service, let’s check the configuration itself:

If all is OK, start and enable the service:

And the final step – firewalld configuration:

Check how in works from another host:

And all is working fine! Some Useful links in the end:

BIND Documentation

BIND announce mailing list