Juniper SRX Dynamic VPN Guide Juniper SRX System services – SNMP

SRX devices contain many features and hardware such as Routing Engines (REs), Packet Forwarding Engines (PFEs), fans, and power supplies. Due to this complexity, it is not always understood what SNMP OIDs or traps should be queried or monitored by SNMP management software or considered normal operation. Here we will describe basic SNMP configuration commands and provide baselines for monitoring SRX devices.

Juniper SRX System services – SNMP – Client Config

The following example configures an SRX Series device as an SNMP agent, which allows the device to be managed using SNMP

Set system identification:

Set authorization and community:

Enable SNMP access on an interface:

(Optional) Restrict SNMP access to certain sources:

Juniper SRX System services – SNMP – SNMP-Traps

Juniper SRX System services – SNMP – Troubleshooting

Juniper SRX System services – SNMP – How to find OID

You can find the SNMP object name by  using the folllowing command on the Junos device:

The following command displays the SNMP OID that corresponds to the SNMP object name:



Juniper MIBs


Best Practices for SNMP Monitoring