Mac os how to reset password 2So, you have your Mac, and you forgot everything – your password, AppleID, and you do not have any recovery disks. When every other way fail – try this set of actions, because it is independent of Mac OS version, and do not require any tool or flash drive.  In short, we delete a specific file and tell the system to rerun the Welcome Wizard, create temporary administrative account and use in to reset password. Follow these simple instructions, and you get your Mac to work very quickly.


Mac os how to reset password: Ask the system to rerun Welcome Wizard

  • Reboot your Mac while pressing Command+S  to boot into Single User Mode and console
  • Check your filesystem:

  • Mount the root drive as writeable:

  • Now we need to remove a specific file called .applesetupdone with this command:

  •  Reboot the system with the reboot command, and – mission completed!


After reboot, you will see a traditional Welcome Wizard as if you just bought your Mac. There you will create a new user – and set a password. Credentials must be different from those you want to recover, because now we create a new administrative account. It will be used to change the password on the account with forgotten password. After logging in with our newly created and temporarily account, follow these steps:

Mac os how to reset password: resetting password with the temporary account

  • Click the Apple logo and then navigate to System Preferences
  • Click the Accounts icon in System Preferences
  • Click Lock icon in Accounts preference window and enter the newly created user credentials
  • On the left, select the user account, which password you want to reset
  • Click the Reset Password button, and enter a new password for that user
  • Close System Preferences and reboot the machine

Now you can log in with the account with new password, and continue to work.