Pro DNS and BIND 10Recently, I’ve played around with BIND and PowerDNS deployments. Some of my results are written in articles about BIND and PowerDNS. I’ve found a big lack of theory basis, and started searhing. My search was over as I’ve found this book – Pro DNS and BIND 10. It is focused on BIND implementations, but it is extremely useful for all other DNS implementations because of big theoretical foundation. DNS types, zones, records, security measures and DNSSEC – is found in every DNS server. The book contains a complete reference to zone files, resource records, and BIND’s configuration file parameters. You can treat the book as a simple paint-by-numbers guide to everything from a simple caching DNS to the most complex secure DNS (DNSSEC) implementation.


What you’ll learn in Pro DNS and BIND 10:

  • Get an introduction to DNS, zone files, resource records, DNS operators, types, and IPv6
  • How to install and use BIND, common DNS Tasks, DNS diagnostics/tools, secure configurations and more
  • How to secure a DNS for zone transfer or dynamic update
  • What DNSSEC is and how to use it
  • How to use the definitive BIND Configuration and Zone File References
  • How to use the new BIND APIs and Resolver Libraries
  • How to use DNS messages/records and Active Directory

Of course, you can purchase this book from the official site.

But here is another option – my favorite site for downloads offers you free but not legal way to get this book.

The Choice is yours!